About Us

Fashion Systems Ltd. is your primary source of top-quality leather footwear that’s specifically designed for men’s needs. Based in London, right in the heart of the United Kingdom, Fashion Systems Ltd. has been in the industry for quite some time now, specifically since 1995, bringing tons of fashion experience into the footwear industry. Fashion Systems Ltd. traces its roots back to the wear and uniforms sector, where quality assurance is upheld to the highest standard. Additionally, durability is of utmost concern with these kinds of products, so from these experiences, the endeavor for men’s footwear is born. Fashion Systems Ltd. offers quality products with manufacturing centers that invest in modern styles and concepts. Our designers work closely with our manufacturers, making sure that every inch of the process is well monitored and assured in quality for your convenience. We uphold a standard for everything in our online shop. We make sure that all products are affordable down to the last bit. The quality is all that matters when it comes with our shoe shop, so you’re guaranteed to get the best deals at the most affordable price available. Our passion for shoes is what sets us apart. We have an unwavering commitment to shoemaking, and we don’t want to disrespect that tradition. All our footwear are made of the finest materials known in the field of shoemaking, such as cow leather, durable rubber soles, and comfortable soft heels. We mix quality with comfort and perfection, and that is why we’re the preferred choice of men when it comes to footwear needs. Furthermore, we do everything by hand. Did you know that machine manufacturing of shoes is less durable and less reliable? Why? It’s because it doesn’t have the handmade precision that a human has. For generations, countless shoes have been made by hand and these prove to be highly artisanal in their value and quality. They also embody a certain unique characteristic from one another which makes sure that no shoe is the same as all the others. Thus, handmade shoemaking is the best way to go, since it gives personality to our most beloved shoes rather than being mass produced in some factory with minimal human intervention. Our shoes are made in Brazil, a nation which is popular for export-quality leather footwear goods. Being masters of quality assurance, you’re rest assured that every shoe you get is of top quality regardless of its origin.